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A little about the name David Halliday

This site is about David Halliday a trusted leader and technical guru for small and medium businesses. David has always been passionate about technology, computers, and how they can positively affect society. Some of this his current key interests include cyber security, cloud computing, information technology and modern leadership models. Over time you will find articles on these, and other topics throughout this site. However, many others that go by the same name, each with very different interests and backgrounds. Some of the other David Halliday’s I have come across are listed below. If you are looking for a different David the following may help you.

Others that share the name

The 'famous' French singer. The French however spell the name differently and he is really David Hallyday and was born David Michael Benjamin Smet. When I worked in Belgium in the 1990’s this artist was quite the sensation and I was often asked if I could sing. While I am comfortable in front of a crowd singing is not one of my skills, I will leave that to Mr. Hallyday in France.

David Halliday the late physicist and author. This David penned several books, most notably "Fundamentals of Physics" which he wrote with Robert Resnic in 1960. He passed away in 2010.

A great still life photographer from New Orleans also shares the name David Halliday he is most notable for his sepia and color box creations. Photography and art is something that runs strong in both my and my wife’s family. My late father in law, Danial Dixon, was the son of Dorothea Lange and Maynard Dixon and my sister is an exceptional painter of Welsh landscapes. I however are less skilled in these areas and you would probably be better of checking out

David Halliday the late footballer from Dundee and Sunderland. He won the golden boot awards for both teams but this was back in the 1920's and 1930's. As for football, or soccer as they call it over here in America, this is a “gentleman’s game played by a bunch of hooligans.” I, am a gentleman originally from Wales, prefer rugby “a hooligans game played by gentlemen.”