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David Charles Halliday

Telephone (408) 378 8373 or Cell (408) 874 5507

Email david@davidhalliday.com


An experienced self motivated leader and achiever with exceptional presentation and people skills backed by deep technical skills in software application development, DevOps, Cloud, IT, web application development, ISP management, data centers, Linux and computer networks.

2015 – Present    Director IT and Cloud Operations                    Cyphort Inc., Santa Clara, CA


Cyphort, a leader in Cyber security, offers cloud backed advanced threat prevention platforms to large and mid size businesses. As the Director of IT and Cloud Operations at Cyphort I assumed overall responsibility for all traditional IT, Security, DevOps, and AWS Cloud services.

Due to Cyphorts size this involved both hands-on involvement in all activities and managing outsourced IT consultants as the demand required.


  • Reduced AWS expenditure by 44% through a rigorous audit of existing services followed by a design review and refactoring of services. AWS usage split into four accounts and redesigned for better security and management. Designed and deployed redundant RDS.
  • AWS Architect mentoring engineering team on AWS best practices and solutions.
  • Refactored Cyphort web presence migrating it to an auto scaling AWS hosting environment backed by RDS and S3 storage.
  • IT infrastructure rebuilt from the ground up to an enterprise grade. Network re-implemented using low latency Arista 10Gig switches in fully redundant MLAG configuration. TOR switches were connected to the core with large 160GB/s MLAGS. Storage was re-implemented using Nimble flash and hybrid arrays providing ultra fast iSCSI storage. On site compute re-implemented using VMWare vSphere HA clusters utilizing multiple redundant 10Gig host connections. Perimeter firewall was upgraded to latest Cisco ASA backed by Cyphort’s own security appliances. AS was registered with ARIN and IP space SWIPED to support BGP based multi homed configuration. Client computing environment was standardized and corporate backup and endpoint security solutions deployed. Many internal applications moved to OAuth in preparation for full SSO implementation.
  • Wide range of day to day DevOps responsibilities from creating entire Microsoft SCCM deployments and test environments through management of development tools such as Jira to custom configuration and deployment of Linux systems. Deployed, managed, and maintained Google GSuite.


2015 – Present    Interim CEO                                                          CloudSpindle Inc., Sunnyvale, CA


As Interim CEO, I joined an existing small, but talented and passionate team. This early age startup is focused on collecting and utilizing motion data in the Cloud. The data is streamed to the Cloud from a selection of wearable devices. Cloud applications utilizing machine learning are then developed for a variety of uses ranging from research to accident detection and notification. 


  • Drove business activities including reincorporation and financial models.
  • Improved operational efficiency by moving all business and development operations to the Cloud. Assumed responsibility for IT, DevOps, Security and management of AWS. AWS mentor providing advice on how to engineer scalable and secure AWS services.
  • Defined product for accident notification application refined its scope though the use of a business model canvas and built a financial model to demonstrate growth potential to possible investors.

Developed accident sensor cloud services in AWS including web and back-end coding in Angular JS.


2012 – 2014         CEO                                                                       Silvaco Inc., Santa Clara, CA


Following the demise of the founder and CEO, I stepped up from second in command to the CEO position. I successfully drove the overall direction of a multinational closely held midsized corporation. I improved company value by returned the company to growth and increasing cash and liquidity to record levels. I maintained company stability during the transition while mentoring the founder’s son for eventual succession to the chief executive.


  • Set overall direction and leadership for the company, transitioning it from a centralized founder based leadership structure into a scalable structure with responsible and accountable leaders at all levels.
  • Returned the company to a growth comparable its industry peers from inherited declines. This was achieved despite challenging economic conditions in Japan and an accompanying large degradation in the Yen to Dollar exchange rate.
  • Significantly improved company liquidity by double digits as measured by cash plus accounts receivable by controlling costs and improving sales in key market areas.
  • Hired key executive team including; V.P. Sales, V.P. Marketing, and V.P. Engineering.
  • Improved speed of sales execution by giving remote sales offices autonomy. Each office formed sales ‘tiger teams’ led by a sales representative with accompanying field application engineers and backed by support staff to focus solely on generating revenue.
  • Strengthened ‘tiger teams’ with additional sales and application engineers in key market areas.
  • Resolved all ongoing litigation by successfully negotiating agreements resulting in significant additional cash to operations.
  • Identified key product weaknesses early and focused development efforts to eliminate weaknesses to remain competitive.
  • Positioned company for significant future growth by identifying new product areas and directed engineering and sales to specify and build new products to address key market segments. Key products for radiation and reliability as well as new 3D TCAD lines which are now entering the sales cycle.
  • Raised company stature in industry as measured by awareness by joining, sponsoring and participating in many industry forums including, GSA, EDA Consortium, Si2, CMC, and Caspa. Spoke and presented at several events.
  • Traveled extensively to international offices and customer sites to drive sales and maintain company moral.
  • Lowered company churn to low single digits, through transparency of leadership and entrusting employees with more responsibility.


2009 – 2012         COO                                                                      Silvaco Inc., Santa Clara, CA


Building from my extensive experience in IT and managing the engineering functions of a medium size company I utilized many of the skills to dramatically improve the operational efficiency of the company through effective management and direct hands on involvement as required.


  • Responsible for oversight of all Operations, IT, and Engineering functions.
  • Improved customer satisfaction as measured by customer surveys by improving issue to response times and instigating a policy of allowing controlled access to engineering resources for key customers.
  • Drove implementation of a customer issue system for all customer issues, from benchmarks, through technical support, to software issues, by building a customer portal on our website. This system was integrated with the existing software issue tracking system.
  • Significantly improved company value by championing and building two unique software license models, including, a token based license model that was ultimately copied by our competitors.
  • Simplified and integrated the sales order process utilizing a custom made in house ERP. This web based order tracking and license production tool was implemented with hooks to both the customer facing portal and accounting data.
  • Introduced checks and balances to eliminate shrink and unauthorized software use.
  • Drove the design and implementation of our software packaging system and web based delivery system to align with the rapid release schedules from engineering.
  • Enabled rapid customer downloads and access to software and solutions by improving the company data center and network infrastructure by 850% as measured by bandwidth available by being our own internet provider, utilizing dark fiber leases, BGP and direct internet transit. This was achieved while reducing costs by over 30%.
  • Increased reliability of operations and engineering infrastructure to above 99.999% availability by investing in redundant networks, Netapp filers and KVM/VMware based migrateable VM’s for critical infrastructure servers.
  • Provided unparalleled end to end operational security as measured by Government and TSMC audits through the utilization of multiple layers of security and strict access restrictions. Considered not only network and machine security but also the less tacit human factor.
  • Remained hands on as required, mentoring staff and acting as a technical go to resource for complex issues.


2002 – 2009         Vice President Engineering                             Simucad Design Systems, Santa Clara, CA


Leveraging the experience gained in my previous similar role at Silvaco I replicated and built on those successes applying them over the broader range of products addressing the broad EDA market segment.


  • Responsible for oversight of all Engineering and IT functions.
  • Simplified engineering organization into 4 primary groups based on primary product areas.
  • Drove product direction and development plans to meet executive requirements.
  • Enabled rapid release schedule for custom versions with a less than 2 week, issue to custom release, time scale. Able to achieve >90% of pre sales custom requirements by utilizing an informal Agile/Scrum like software engineering process.
  • Improved software quality despite a rapid release schedule as measured by software issues filed by using test automation and inline hands on testing by both development and applications engineers.
  • Improved code reuse by over 120%, as measured by number of shared libraries, by instigating a common method to share libraries and code between groups and products.
  • Reduced tribal knowledge by enacting a coding and release management system.
  • Improved accountability by instigating code audits and check-in audits.
  • Remained hands on as required, mentoring staff and acting as a technical go to resource for complex issues.


1996 – 2002         Vice President Engineering                             Silvaco Data Systems, Santa Clara, CA


Following my successes managing the Software Integration Group and global IT operations I stepped up to oversee all engineering and IT functions. I drove standardization over all software development areas to dramatically improve the efficiency of the engineering organization.


  • Responsible for oversight of all Engineering and IT functions.
  • Built software engineering foundation for entire company.
  • Drove standardization of software engineering over all development groups.
  • Managed engineering meetings and liaised with other groups including sales to ensure customer requirements were met in a trimly manner.
  • Ensured appropriate staffing of engineering projects through appropriate recruiting.
  • Cut software build and porting times more than 50%, as measured by the time required to build binaries, by championing a common cross platform build system.
  • Instigated accountability and measurability to the software production process by instigating a customized software defect tracking system.
  • Unified disparate user experiences by driving the production and adherence to a UI/UX standard.
  • Improved software quality by 64% as measured by software defects reported by customers by instigating rigorous software release procedures.
  • Remained hands on as required, mentoring staff and acting as a technical go to resource for complex issues.


1994 – 1996         Global IT and Integration Manager             Silvaco Data Systems, Santa Clara, CA


I stepped up to manage the global IT operations of a small but growing company. In my role as Global IT Manager I leveraging my hands on systems administration experience to produce a scalable, stable and secure environment in which software developers can be productive.


  • Management of all global MIS operations.
  • Management of the divisions staff including all hires, appraisals and when necessary terminations.
  • Provided all strategic planning and implementation of new policies and procedures.
  • Responsible for all MIS budgets and procurement procedures worldwide.
  • Responsible for all computer and network security systems worldwide.
  • Provided mentoring and training to staff on Unix and NT administration including: NIS, NIS+, NFS, Sendmail, PPP, POP, DNS, ACL based security, Firewalls and other common systems and components.
  • Designed and implemented all office LAN’s using switched Ethernet and an FDDI backbone. Responsible for planning subsequent upgrade to a Gigabit Ethernet backbone and switched 10/100BaseT desktop connections.
  • Designed, contracted and installed corporate WAN connecting all four domestic sites and seven international sites as well as mobile users. The WAN was implemented using frame relay on Cisco routers running IOS 11.0.
  • Designed global addressing scheme to allow near infinite expansion by using RFC 1918 addresses.
  • Responsible for vendor and contractor relations and interactions.


In addition to my role as global IT manager I was also managed a software development group dedicated to developing the GUI based runtime environment used by physics based TCAD simulation engines.


  • Management, including hires, appraisals, and when necessary terminations for an eight person division responsible for the development of the company’s GUI and integration tools.
  • Enforced stringent software engineering practices within the group.
  • Planned and designed divisions software products using object oriented methods.
  • Set and monitored short, intermediate and long term goals for the team.
  • Provided training in object oriented methods and C++ programming.
  • Responsible for customer visits and support calls.


1992 – 1994         Senior Software Engineer                               Silvaco Data Systems, Santa Clara, CA


Design, development and maintenance of software applications used in the semiconductor industry.


  • Dramatically increased code reuse and productivity as measured by code turnaround time by instigating a companywide migration from C to C++.
  • Designed and implemented semiconductor process storage system using C++, Xview, X11 and DBVista.
  • Developed inter-tool communications framework written to be API compliant with Sun Tooltalk. The framework was implemented using UDP socked and RPC.
  • Developed a high level object oriented graphics library based on the classes from Interviews.
  • Developed a system to run TCAD simulations over a distributed network of machines.
  • Responsible for product testing and QA prior to release


1990 – 1992         Software Architect                                             Tobias Project, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, UK


End to end responsibility for a large portion of activities within an international software consortium tasked with building systems administration applications.


  • Managed, designed and implemented, via an international consortium, a cross platform suite of GUI systems administration tools. The system was written using a client server model and implemented using C++ and the Interviews toolkit. Communications to the administrative engines were carried out using RPC. The toolkit provided convenient access to most day to day administration tasks such as user management, host management and backups. The system was a forerunner to what the popular Tivoli system eventually became.


1986 – 1990         Education                                                             University Of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, UK


  • MS Computer Software and Systems Design (Graduated 1990)
    Post graduate course on the management, design and implementation of complex computer software systems.
  • BS Computer Science (Graduated 1989 with honors)
    Specializing in; operating systems, object oriented programming and graphics.